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Anonymous asked:

First of all let me say that you ve got an Amazing blog ! Awesome quotes. Thanks for sharing it :D Loved all of it and already feeling inspired :D Good job and keep em coming mate. Anyway i have just one question ; i recently started a blog and i was wondering how to attract more visitors into the site. Since i am new to blogging i would really appreciate some help in that department. I am looking forward to inspire people and help people feel better just like you ve been doing. Thnx 4 ur time

Thank you so much for the feedback. I feel bad for not posting recently since I have been busy with college. My best advice would be to interact with other blogs, and to make sure you appropriately tag your posts. People looking through tags will find your content and it’ll lead them to you blog, while talking to others will get them and their followers interested in you. Good luck and feel free to send any other questions you might have my way. :)

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